Saman Sargolzaei

Dr. Saman Sargolzaei received his Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Florida International University. His doctoral dissertation, in collaboration with Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and Baptist Hospital, was focused on the role of brain networks in the diagnosis and evaluation of neurological disorders. Upon completion of his professional training at GaTech and UCLA, He is currently an Engineering faculty at the University of Tennessee at Martin

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Catey Hunt
Research Assistant - Mechanical Engineering

Catey is an upcoming Junior in the Mechanical Engineering Department. From Georgia, Catey is an athlete on the UTM Women’s Soccer Team. Her passions include working out, playing the saxophone, and spending time with her family. Among her favorite classes taken thus far are Statics, Dynamics, and Calculus 2. Catey plans to graduate from UTM in 2023, pursuing academia in graduate school and working in Disney.

Kaylin Patel
Lab Alumni

Kaylin Patel is a junior in the mechatronics engineering program at the University of Tennessee of Martin. From Jackson, TN, Kaylin grew up with aspirations in many fields such as art, music, writing, law but settled into her true calling as a woman in the STEM field. Now with real-world engineering experience from Parker Hannifin in Greenfield, Tennessee, and nearly three years of engineering education under her belt, she is leaping into the world of research with this project.

Abigale Plunk
Lab Alumni

My name is Abigale Plunk, and I am a senior Electrical Engineering major working towards minors in both math and computer science. I am planning on attending graduate school next fall to pursue a Ph.D in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I am currently interested in the use of robotics to mimic human interaction. In my free time, I enjoy baking and playing piano.