Saman Sargolzaei

Dr. Saman Sargolzaei received his Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Florida International University. His doctoral dissertation, in collaboration with Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and Baptist Hospital, was focused on the role of brain networks in the diagnosis and evaluation of neurological disorders. Upon completion of his professional training at GaTech and UCLA, He is currently an Engineering faculty at the University of Tennessee at Martin

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Seth Byrd
Graduate Student - Agriculture Systems Sciences

My name is Seth Byrd and I am from Ripley, Tennessee. I recently graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin in December of 2023 obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with a focus in Agricultural Engineering with a minor in Agricultural Business. I am currently pursuing my Masters Degree in Agriculture with a focus in System Sciences. Throughout this project, I look forward to learning how to benefit growers throughout the nation through cybersecurity.

Curt Lynch
Computer Engineering

Curt is currently enrolled in the computer engineering program at UTM, where he demonstrates exceptional academic performance, earning a spot on the esteemed Chancellor's Honor Roll. His academic excellence is a testament to his dedication and passion for his field of study. One of Curt's interests lies in the realm of embedded systems development, where he seeks to apply his theoretical knowledge to practical, real-world applications. Beyond his coursework, Curt actively engages in research and development endeavors to further explore his interests. Currently, he is deeply involved in a pioneering R&D project centered around the study of driving behavior within virtual reality environments. This project represents a convergence of cutting-edge technologies and behavioral science, offering Curt an exciting opportunity to delve into interdisciplinary research.

Seth Hatchett
Electrical Engineering, Cell and Molecular Biology, and ACS Biochemistry Undergraduate Student

I am currently a freshman at UTM majoring in electrical engineering, cell and molecular biology, and ACS biochemistry. I am interested in all medical research, but my primary interests are age related cognitive decline and brain damage. I also enjoy educational outreach which I do with my collection of pet snakes. My goal is to become a physician scientist (MD/PhD) and have a career in both research and clinical practice.

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